I left my memory card in my laptop

Thursday 21st May 2015

I took the camera when Max and went for our slightly earlier than usual walk at Upton Country Park, but when I went to take a photo found out I had left the memory card at home. So I had to revert to the iphone, hence the photos aren’t quite up to the usual standard.

Firstly, some very pretty red campions.

Red Campions

A bit further on and I took a photo looking across towards Poole in the area when there has been a lot of scrub clearance this winter.

View across Upton Lake

And finally, a photo of Max in the stream – just because I can, and because he is a very handsome boy.

Max in the stream

As for why we were slightly earlier than normal, I had my pilates class at 11.30am, so had to get home and get changed and out again for the class. I am really enjoying going to it though.

A year ago today

Puddles on Canford Heath.

Another day, another puddle!

2 thoughts on “I left my memory card in my laptop

  1. Nice! iPhones are getting more capacity for good images. I’ve even sold a few of my iPhone photos (enlarged to 8 x 10).

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