Monday morning on Upton Heath

Monday 25th May 2015

It was a normal Monday morning walk for Jez, Max and I on Upton Heath. Chris drove us over and dropped us off and we walked around the lower heath as usual. As at the Country Park, the hawthorn is in bloom here too.


And so was this delicate little cranesbill.


We met Janet with Oakley and Jake again, together with some of her family. Jake tried to get Jez to chase him, but although she wanted to play Jake was way too fast for her.

So eventually we walked on home, via Creekmoor Ponds. Jez insisted on a slightly different route today, so instead of ending up at their little sandy corner we came home via the main viewpoint across the big pond.

Creekmoor Ponds

In the afternoon I went off shopping for plants for the garden, which I’m making a concerted effort to sort out. It’s hard work though.

A year ago today

Dad came out of hospital so I went to stay in Highcliff with him, so that I could look after him. After Chris and Max had gone home Jez and I went for a walk around his local nature reserve, Nea Meadows. This was the view across the pond.

Nea Meadows Pond

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