A walk on Canford Heath

Tuesday 26th May 2015

It was just Max and I again this morning, so I chose to go to Canford Heath and park up in Culliford Crescent. At one point we took a slightly different path up the hill and Max stopped to investigate this horizontal tree.


Further on up the hill and this was the view across Poole.

Overlooking Poole

We headed out over the eastern side of the heath. Unfortunately for Max the only water we found was in one or two puddles. All of the ponds have dried up. There are some flowers around though. This ragwort caught my eye. They are normally quite a dark yellow, but this one was paler and closer to a primrose in colour.


And that is about it for today. Once again I came home and did some work in the garden, as well as my usual Tuesday afternoon cleaning. Our garden is a neverending task though.

A year ago today

Jez and I walked across Highcliffe golf course to Steamer Point Nature Reserve.

Pond at Steamer Point Nature Reserve


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