Not quite a walk on Upton Heath

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Jez decided she wanted to come for a walk with Max and I this morning, so I drove them both over to Upton Heath. It was a hot, sunny morning, and as we had done the lower heath on Monday I thought I’d walk them up the Roman Road and then cut across the middle of the heath today, but right from the start Jez had other ideas.

She started off by refusing to walk though the woods towards the old railway bridge across the Roman Road, and instead headed straight for the lower heath. But then when she got to the Roman Road she turned left and headed for the bridge after all. After that it was stop-start all the way up to Pinesprings (she wouldn’t turn left down the little path onto the heath no matter how hard I tried to persuade her). Then she lay down, which at least gave me the opportunity to take this photo of a pretty little daily.


And this one of a plantain.


Each time I managed to move Jez she’d walk a short way then lie down again. I went to take our normal path towards the heath (Jez was having another lie down at this point), but when I looked back she’d disappeared. I eventually found her. She had taken a path which heads towards Pinesprings Road. And no way was she continuing on with me towards the heath. So we sat for a while and I took some photos of her and Max. Firstly here’s Max looking very serious.


And here’s Jez.


And finally from the walk, here’s what Jez does when she’s lying down and you try and move her.

Upside down dog doesn't want to walk

Little tinker knows you can’t get her to stand from that position!

Eventually I gave in and we walked to Pinesprings Road, and then back to the car via the Castleman Trailway. As I said, not exactly the walk I’d planned.

In the afternoon, in amongst the gardening, I was trying the new tripod out. So here is a geranium flower.


And a great tit.

Great tit

Overall, I was rather pleased with today’s photos.

A year ago today

Jez and I were at Nea Meadows. This was taken on my iPhone.


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