Onto Wareham Forest

Friday 29th May 2015

I say ‘Onto Wareham Forest’ as Max and I started out at the vet in Wareham this morning. He was back seeing the dermatologist. She was very pleased with his progress, but nevertheless we were in there for a long time. It wasn’t a particularly nice morning: extremely windy and with heavy rain forecast. As we were at Wareham I took Max to the forest, but this time to Lawsons Clump, where I haven’t been for ages. This was the path up the hill from the car park.

The path winds up the hill

Part way up the hill and there has been more clearance work done. This view looks through towards the road, but you can see the path we have just walked along on the left.

Another example of scorched earth conservation

It was really blowing by this time and the trees were bending and making lots of ominous sounds. I wasn’t sure that the forest was a good place to be on such a day.

We followed the path I used to take on around, and at one point I noticed this.

Making a path through the trees

It looks as though they are clearing a way through before taking out the trees on either side.

We cut up the next path, which I thought was the one I normally took, and came to a spot where there are quite a few rhododendrons.


Then just after this I managed to lose my way. So Max and I walked around in a big circle, which was not what I had planned as he had started limping last night and I didn’t want the walk to be too long. So this time I walked on further before turning off. I still wasn’t quite on the right path, but at least I knew where I was. As we headed back in the direction of the carpark we passed these trees, brought down by previous high winds.

Falling trees

By this time it had been spitting with rain for about 10 minutes. As we reached the most exposed top part of the hill above the car park it started to rain heavily. This was the view looking out across Wareham Forest.

Rain clouds over Wareham Forest

But almost as soon as the rain started it stopped again. By the time we got to the bottom of the hill and back to the car it wasn’t raining at all.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk along Highclifff Beach from Steamer Point and then walked back to Dad’s via Highcliff Castle.

Highcliffe Castle


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