I have a cunning plan!

Saturday 30th May 2015

After my last sorry attempts to get Jez to walk up the Roman Road, across to the viewpoint and then back down across the heath I hatched a cunning plan today. Instead of parking at the entrance to the lower heath, I drove up the hill and parked up near the viewpoint. That meant we walked round the back of the hill, then down across the heath to the pond, before turning back up and cutting through to the Roman Road and so back to the car (via Pinesprings). It was a nice sunny day, although the breeze was a bit cool.

The first photo shows Max on the path round the back of the hill. He can obviously smell something.

Max sniffs the air

A little bit further along the path I took this panorama.

Panorama across Upton Heath

Here’s a slightly different view of One Tree Hill for you.


As I said we walked on down to the pond before turning back. I had planned to walk around the back of the pond, but Jez refused to go that wasy and just lay where we normally play until I went back again.

Jez rests by the pond

So we made our way back to the Roman Road and then onto Pinesprings where Jez had to have a long rest.

Jez rests in the shade

So while we waited for her I took the opportunity to take some photos of Max.

Waiting for Jez

It took us quite a while to do the walk due to the resting, but my cunning plan had worked well.

A year ago today

Jez and I nipped home from Dad’s for a couple of hours. Max was underwhelmed to see me.

Max is underwhelmed to see me


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