Off to the river

Sunday 31st May 2015

For a change today I decided to take Jez and Max to the River Stour at Cowgrove. Although Max and I go there in the mornings sometimes Jez rarely goes there. Jez started off by crossing the bridge and having a bit of a cool down in the river on the far side, which is odd really as for ages she refused to cross the bridge as she doesn’t like the open steps. Once on the far side she wanted to go across the fields there, but it’s not much of a walk and I wanted to walk along the river so the dogs could play. That meant I had to persuade her back over and then along the path rather than straight back to the car. We managed it eventually though.

At the first playing place there were two swans in the water, but far enough away for us not to have to bother about them.

River Stour

When we got to the second playing place there were two more swans with their brood of last year’s cygnets. Jez waded out to investigate. Fortunately both she and the swans decided it was wise to keep a healthy distance. I apologise for the smear in this photo – courtesy of Max’s tail – but otherwise it’s a good shot of Jez and the swans.

Jez goes to inspect the swans

We continued on round, and close to my favourite oak tree the flag irises were in bloom.


After that it was back on round to the first playing spot, and then back to Eye Bridge and the car. This is a shot of the weir taken from the river bank by Eye Bridge.

Weir at Eye Bridge

Jez, of course, didn’t want to get back in the car, so we spent a while in the field that serves as a car park in the summer before eventually coming home.

A year ago today

I dropped my Dad off at my aunt’s and Jez and I went for a walk on Burton Common, near Christchurch. Here’s Jez having a cool down in a puddle.

That's better


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