Pilates day

Thursday 4th June 2015

Thursday morning is my pilates class, so Max and I have been going to Upton Country Park for our walk so that I know I can get home in time to get changed and get out again. Today, this was the view from where the old bird hide was, looking towards Poole.

View over Upton Lake

As you can see, it was quite a nice morning.

Round at the lake on the other side of the park the heron was back. We haven’t seen him there for ages.

The heron is back

I didn’t want to walk Max too far due to his limp, so rather than go round the new path, where he has 4 places he expects me to throw his cone into the water for him, we cut through the Woodland Walk.

Max in the Woodland Walk

I know I have posted this before, but many of you won’t have seen it. On one of the old, dead tree trunks are carved the words ‘Look Up’, and when you do this is what you see (lit up nicely by the sun this morning).

Tree Carving in the sun

I can’t help wondering who climbed up there to do that!

A year ago today

I took Dad our to the Farm Shop at Bashley in the New Forest, and en route home we stopped off at the cafe at the Motorcycle Museum where Jez got to meet some alpacas.

Getting to know you


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