We need lots of water today

Saturday 6th June 2015

It was a really hot sunny day today, and I thought it would be too hot for Jez over on Upton Heath (our usual Saturday walk), so instead we went down to the beach at Hamworthy. Normally I park at Lake Pier and our walk means we go along the beach twice, but with Max limping I parked up at the Rockley Viewpoint, which meant that we only had to walk along the beach once (so reducing the amount of time he was jumping around in the sea). What I hadn’t realised, though, was that to get to the Viewpoint you have to drive through the caravan park, and the caravan park was packed with people and cars parked all along the narrow roads.

We parked eventually and got out at a very windy viewpoint. We were glad of the breeze though. And the view as we walked along the cliff path was stunning.

Poole Harbour on a summer's day

When we got to the beach the dogs got a bit of a surprise. Max was the first to investigate.

What's this?

Swiftly followed by Jez.

'Looks alien to me'

There were lots of Barrel jellyfish washed up along the beach,

Stranded Barrel Jellyfish

I had spotted on the news that there were large shoals of them along the coast, but I was surprised that they were in Poole Harbour.

After an initial investigation, though, the dogs decided they weren’t anything interesting, or edible, and so they ignored them. We walked along to the pier, where Max had to get in the photo once again.

Where's Max?

And then up as far as the marine base, before turning back. These boats are moored by the marine base.

Lake Pier

After that we walked across the common to the lake, where Max had a swim and Jez waded around in the water exploring the lake’s edge.

View over Ham Common Lake

And from there it was back to the car. It had been a really nice walk.

A year ago today

Jez and I had another flying visit home. Here’s Chris and Max in the garden.

Chris, with Max taking a quick break from his job of froghunting


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