I take Dad to Exbury Gardens

Wednesday 10th June 2015

Today I had a day out and took my Dad to Exbury Gardens, near Beaulieu in Hampshire. I left the dogs at home with Chris and drove over to my Dad’s to collect him, and then we continued out to Exbury. The gardens consist of 200 acres of a collection of rhododendrons, azaleas and rare trees and shrubs. Given that the rhododendrons are in full flower around us I had expected most of them to be out in the gardens, but sadly they were nearly all over. Nevertheless we had a very pleasant two hours plus walking around the gardens – a very long walk for my Dad!

So this is Exbury House.

Exbury House

The Top Pond, which is full of very large carp, constantly cruising around.

Top Pond

The Azalea Bowl.

Azalea Bowl

And Jubilee Pond, where we sat and watched more carp, a dragonfly skimming the water and a lovely little chaffinch pecking about.

Jubilee Pond

This is the History Tree. The rings are marked to show events through the past 300 plus years.

The History Tree

Here’s Dad in the Sundial Garden.

Dad in the Sundial Garden

And a view through to the Beaulieu River.

View through to Beaulieu River

And then a few flowers. The remaining rhododendrons that were out were the common purple (which grow wild around here) and the deep red and white varieties. Here’s one of the deep red ones that I particularly liked.


And a white one with a lovely pinkish tint.


There are other flowers too and I thought a Primula bed was very pretty.


And last, from Exbury, here’s one of those Primulas.


We walked back to the entrance and then had a late lunch in the cafe there. After that we left and I drove down to Lepe on the Solent. We didn’t stop (minimum parking was £2 and there wasn’t exactly a lot there), but I did take a photo looking across the Solent towards Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

View of Cowes from Lepe

After that we came on home. Dad was tired out. He’s not walked that far since he broke his hip just over a year ago. He seemed to enjoy himself though, so now I’m planning our next day out.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk on Hengistbury Head.

It was a bit hazy today


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