Max and I go to Morden Bog

Tuesday 9th June 2015

It was a nice sunny morning, albeit still a bit breezy, so I decided that it was about time Max and I went back to Morden Bog, which is in Wareham Forest.

Walking across Morden Bog

As you can see, aside from the bog itself, there is a lot of heathland.

We walked along to a deep pool that Max likes to play in.

Max in one of his favourite ponds

After that we headed away from the bog towards part of Wareham Forest. Before we got that far though I took this panorama across the bog.

Panorama of Morden Bog

After a few minutes we came to what was once the garden of the old keeper’s cottage (now ruined). But the apiary is still there and is still being tended, presumably by the local farmer. Today there were lots of bees buzzing around it.

Apiary at Morden Bog

We walked on up the hill past the apiary. Along the way I spotted two green butterflies flitting about and managed to get a photo when they landed on a rhododendron. I think they are Green Hairstreaks.

Green Hairstreak

I had intended going onto Henry’s pond, but Max is still limping and when I looked at how long it had been I decided instead to head back to the car once we got to one of the main tracks through the forest. Max was able to find lots of pools to play in en route though.

Max ina path-side pool

And while Max was finding the pools I was finding quite a few little purple orchids.

Early Purple Orchid

And so we walked on round to Sherford Lake, much to Max’s delight.

Max in Sherford Lake

He was very excited to be there. After a swim we headed back to the car, but not before I had snapped this lovely little forget me not along the bridlepath.

Forget me not

It was a nice walk and good to be back there for a change.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk around Stanpit Marsh at Christchurch. This is a view of Christchurch Priory.

Christchurch Priory from Stanpit Marsh


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