Poor Henry!

Friday 12th June 2015

My new Friday morning routine is to go and do my grocery shopping at Waitrose in Wimborne before it gets too crowded and then to come home and take Max for his walk. This tends to mean that we walk over to Upton Heath, and today was no exception.

As we walked along the footpath that runs behind our house I had a nice surprise when I saw this hoverfly on a beautiful white rose.

Bee on a white rose

I initially thought it was a bee, but looking at the head and eyes as I post this I realise it isn’t. So I think it’s a big hoverfly.

Anyway, Max and I walked onto the heath and as we got to the pond we met Dawn and Ariadne, the English Pointer puppy. But no Henry (Dawn’s other English Pointer). The reason is that Henry was bitten by another dog on the heath yesterday. Poor boy is very poorly and had to have an operation to repair the damage (the dog basically bit through his skin and took a lump of muscle out of his side). Dawn has spoken to the local dog warden who says she can’t really do much about it, other than advise the other owner, but that the dog is likely to attack other dogs again, if it has not already done so. So this dog doesn’t even need to be muzzled! I’ll have to keep a watchful eye out to make sure that Jez and Max don’t get close should we meet it.

And to cap it all Max decided that he had to tell Ariadne off in no uncertain terms for coming too close to him. He may look all sweetness and light…

Max looks happy

… but where he wasn’t socialised as a young pup (before we had him) he doesn’t always tolerate young or bouncy dogs. Here poor little Ariadne had only wandered up to say hello, but Max was having none of it.

Max! We do not tell Ariadne off for wanting to be friends

Trying to train him to be calm around bouncy dogs is an ongoing process, but given the trauma Dawn had yesterday with Henry I didn’t exactly appreciate Max’s timing!

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk at Chewton Common in Highcliffe.

Jez strolls along the path at Chewton Common


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