Thursday morning at Upton Country Park

Thursday 11th June 2015

So it’s Thursday morning once more, so time for a slightly earlier than normal walk at Upton Country Park before my pilates class. It was nice and warm this morning – t-shirt weather – so Max and I had a very pleasant walk. Fairly early on I was pleased to see this beautiful Painted Lady butterfly on the cow parsley.

Sweet Painted Lady

We walked on round, past the shoreline, where there was nothing of interest to report other than one or two shelducks and some seagulls in the distance. But as we approached the lake I noticed that the dog roses are out.

Dog Rose

Best of all though, when we got to the lake itself the heron was close by (as opposed to being on the opposite bank) so I was able to get a really nice photo of it today.


What a beautiful bird. Just so long as it’s not eating all of the fish from our garden pond, that is.

A year ago today

Dad, Jez and I went down to Mudeford Quay where I took some very nice portrait photos of Jezebel.



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