Love is in the air

Saturday 13th June 2015

We had a bit of a surprise this morning when Chris opened the front door to take Max out. Two stag beetles on were on the path doing what comes naturally to stag beetles at this time of year. I rushed to get the camera.

Stag Beetles mating

Now you may not think this is very exciting, or be a fan of beetles, but these are relatively rare (although we tend to get quite a few), so this photo has been quite a big deal on Twitter.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the morning doing the cleaning and then took Jez and Max to Upton Heath. I drove up to Beacon Road near the viewpoint again today and we walked from there, which Jez managed to get in some water fairly quickly, although I have to say that when we started out the wind was quite chilly.

Jez cools down

It was overcast for most of our walk and I only have one other photo, but I’ve happy to say that the bell heather is coming out again on the heaths.

Bell Heather

I always think it’s so pretty.

A year ago today

Jez and I had an early evening walk on Highcliffe Beach.

Hapy dog

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