Not a great walk today – thanks to Jezebel

Sunday 14th June 2015

It was quite warm today with some sunshine and it took me a while to decide where to walk. I was going to go down to the beach at Lake Pier, Hamworthy, but the tide was out meaning that the beach would mainly be mud, so I ruled that out. In the end we went to Canford Heath. I parked in Steeple Close so that the dogs could get to one of the few remaining pools of water quickly and so that Jez could do one of her favourite walks along the southern edge of the heath. Well that was the plan.

In the end Jez decided she didn’t want to cool down when she had the chance and walked straight past the water. That meant she got hot very quickly. She soon had to have a lie down in the shade while Max and I waited for her.

Max wants me to throw a stone while we wait for Jez

I should have taken the hint and turned back at this point, but we walked on further and eventually reached a little boggy pool. This time Jez did go in, but only up to her armpits and she didn’t lie down, so she remained quite hot. Meanwhile I took the opportunity to take a photo of a foxglove nearby.


And that was the last of the water, despite the dogs searching for their normal pools near the Culliford Crescent entrance to the heath. So Jez lay down in the shade near the gate. There was one advantage to that: it enabled me to spot this, right in the middle of the main path onto the heath.

Who's that in there?

After a second or two it turned itself around so we were able to see who it was.


And yes, it’s a common lizard. That’s not a great place to build your burrow though.

At this point I was stuck. We were a long way from the car and Jez seemed to want to leave the heath (possibly as we sometimes park here). So I thought I’d take them off the heath, along the road (which normally interests Jez as it’s somewhere she hasn’t walked before) and then up the Red brick path back to the car. Well, we went that way, but very slowly. Jez did not want to walk that way and kept stopping and would not be persuaded on. When we got to the Red Brick path she ran off into the woods, then wouldn’t go any further. In the end it took me about 90 minutes to get back to the car. To be honest the walk was a total nightmare.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk on St Catherine’s Hill in Christchurch. This was the view from the hill.

View from St Catherine's Hill


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