Along the River Stour

Wednesday 17th June 2015

Max and I went to the river for our walk this morning. Although sunshine was promised it was a bit cloudy with a slight chill to the breeze.

Walking by the River Stour

I tried to avoid throwing the cone in the river for Max to chase too much, due to the ongoing limp, but I did let him have a swim.

Time for a swim

We did our normal walk and along the path I spotted a dead pole cat. They are still making a return to the area so it was a shame it was dead (I won’t post the photo). Given that it was newly deceased and I couldn’t see any obvious marks on it I’m guessing it was caught by a small terrier and shaken to death.

Back at Eye Bridge we crossed over for Max to have a quick play on the other side. I’m not sure if you can see him standing at the far end of the bridge in this photo.

Eye Bridge (with Max at the far end)

And lastly, a photo from the bridge – always worth taking.

Looking down the R. Stour from Eye Bridge

By the time we finished our walk it was starting to warm up a little, even though it was still cloudy. So in the afternoon I spent some time weeding out in the garden – a never ending task!

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk in the New Forest at the Wilverly Enclosure.

Jez walks through Wilverley Enclosure


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