Thursday means Upton Country Park

Thursday 18th June 2015

As I had to walk Max before my pilates class this morning we headed towards Upton Country Park as usual. I also kept his walk fairly short as his limp seems to be getting worse rather than better. So today we parked in the bottom car park, cut through to the pond, then cut through the garden to the Woodland Walk, up to the lake and then back via the stream in the new section of the park. All of today’s photos come from the new part of this walk.

So, here is Max standing behind the long grass near the pond.

Max through the long grass

Walking up through the gardens I found these red campions growing with some cow parsley, proving that wild flowers can look just like a pretty bouquet.

Cow Parsel and Red Campion make a pretty bouquet

And finally for today, the herbaceous borders are looking nice at the moment.

Herbaceous Border

I think I might take Dad to see them when he comes over on Sunday for Father’s Day.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk at Stanpit Marsh near Christchurch. Here Jez has a rest.



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