Father’s Day

Sunday 21st June 2015

Now here’s a question. I’ve spelt Father’s Day as it is spelt all over the internet, with the apostrophe before the s. But in my view it’s a day for all father’s so the apostrophe should be after the s, ie Fathers’ Day. So which is right?

Anyway, being Father’s Day I invited Dad for lunch. He wanted roast lamb: Chris doesn’t like lamb. So in the end I roasted both lamb and pork, and then made a strawberry & raspberry pavlova for dessert.

After lunch I suggested Dad might like to see the Herbaceous Border at Upton Country Park, so while Chris walked the dogs in the rest of the park, Dad and I walked around the gardens. A few flowers caught my eye, like this one.

Pink Dahlia

I’ve labelled it a Dahlia, but I have a funny feeling it’s a rose! This one certainly is a dahlia though.


And I loved the blue of this delphinium.


These fascinated us.


And here it is unfurled.

Dragon Arum

I looked them up and it appears to be a Dragon Arum.

Back at home and was busy discussing some Dianthus plants I have yet to plant out when I spotted this lovely Rose Chafer Beetle on them.

Rose Chafer Beetle on my Dianthus

Dad stayed to watch the Grand Prix highlights and then went home at about 6.30pm. I hope he had enjoyed his day.

A year ago today

Jez and I had a trip out to Wooton Coppice in the New Forest.



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