Not a good start to the week

Monday 22nd June 2015

It wasn’t a good start to the week. I woke up to find it raining as forecast, but as it was meant to ease off as the morning progressed I decided to drive to Wimborne to do my grocery shopping instead. But as I drove out of Broadstone I hit road works on the main road to Wimborne. And when I passed the roadworks it got worse and I was at a standstill. I thought I’d take a detour, but missed a turn and ended up back where I’d turned off, only to find the traffic was moving again!

It wasn’t much better in the shop, which didn’t have the dogs’ Joint Care sticks and then managed to charge me incorrectly for an item. And to top it all I came home a different way only to be faced with – you’ve guessed it – more roadworks!

So I got home, and as the rain hadn’t really eased much, thought I’d take Max out. So we had a bit of a wet walk over to Upton Heath. It did ease off for a while, but this foxglove shows that it was wet.

Rain drenched foxglove

And then, to top it all, it started to tip down with rain. I sheltered under the trees on the Roman Road. Max didn’t see the point of sheltering from the rain.

Max's idea of sheltering from the rain

Fortunately it eased off again and we were able to get home without getting any wetter.

Let’s hope the week improves.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk on Hengistbury Head, near Christchurch.

View over the Head


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