Jez decided she wanted a morning walk

Tuesday 23td June 2015

It’s quite unusual nowadays, but Jez decided that she was up and wanted to come with Max and I on our walk this morning. We went to Canford Heath. Here you can see the two dogs walking up the hill.

Jez and Max head up the hill

At the top of the hill were the cows.

The cow watches Jez just before chasing her off

As you can see, this one is eyeing Jez up. Just after I took that shot he decided that he was going to chase her off. As he thundered towards her Jez sensibly raced off. After that she had to have a rest.

A little dog needs a rest after being chased by a big cow

After a little while we wandered on and when we got near to the Red Brick path we met our friend Moby.

Our friend Moby

And then, as I walked them back up the hill towards the deep pond we met Tink and Twink.

Our friends Tink and Twink

So it was a good walk, although with Jez in tow it did take us rather a long time to go not very far.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk in Broadley Enclosure in the New Forest.

Jez heads into Broadley Inclosure


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