Wareham Forest after a visit to the vet

Wednesday 24th June 2015

Max had a follow up appointment with the dermatologist in Wareham this afternoon, so I took him and then we went on to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest for our walk. Jez came too for her afternoon walk. The dermatologist was pleased with Max’s progress. We have another visit in one month just to check on him. I also asked her about him limp and she prescribed Tramadol to east the pain.

After the length of time the Sika Trail took us last time we came we only walked part of it today, and I made a point of taking them down to the dragonly pool and Gruffalo pool by the shortest route so that Jez could cool down as soon as possible. Even so, we had hardly left the car park before she had to lie down.

Jez starts our walk with a rest

Max took the opportunity to ‘ask’ for a game of cone, but given the problem with his leg I limited myself to throwing a cone to his mouth.

Max wants to play

Eventually, though, I managed to persuade her to move on and we headed for the water.

Heading for the Gruffalo Pool

Max thought he was going on to the Gruffalo Pool, but Jez made a beeline for the Dragonfly pool which was closest, so Max came back.

Max and Jez in the Dragonfly Pool

There were lots of dragonflies buzzing around the pool, especially Broad Bodied Chasers like this one.

Borad Bodied Chaser

After that we went on to the Grufflo Pool where I threw cones into the deeper water for Max while Jez stood on the bank asking for her kibble (which we carry round and feed to her on walks).


And then we headed back to the car by a fairly direct route. It kept the walk down and both dogs copes much better.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk around Holmsley Inclosure in the New Forest.

Walking through Holmsley Inclosure


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