Stick to the plan, Julia!

Sunday 29th June 2015

This afternoon I took Jez for a walk at Lychett Bay. It was the newest walk that I had taken Max on a couple of weeks ago, so Jez hadn’t been there before. It was a really hot afternoon and I had planned out my walk. We’d go through the shady bit down to the water’s edge, then back, and then down the other path that leads around towards the top of the bay to our left, and back. When we got down to the ‘water’ though there wasn’t any.

Tide's out

Jez wandered about in the mud a bit, looking for water, but to no avail. And at this point, for some reason best known to myself, I changed my plan. We continued on a bit further, and I took this panorama of the bay.

Panorama of Lychett Bay

Then it all went pear shaped. Instead of turning back I continued on with the idea of letting Jez see the deer skeleton. However, when we got to the woods Jez had other ideas and crossed something that at one time might have been a stream but was now boggy, stinking black mud at the only place you can get across. I lost her. When I eventually found her she was on the other side of the mud to me and desparate to get back. She tried and sunk in the mud. So I had to try and cross, standing on a small branch and bit of old pallet to do so. As I put my weight on the pallet it went down, and my foot and leg went in all that stinking water. When I got across Jez managed to turn and so get out of the mud before I had to try and haul her out, which at least was a good thing. But she was covered in the stuff up past her armpits and with the tide out I had no way of getting her clean. So we headed back to the car and I stopped off at Creekmoor Ponds and put her in there. At least by the time I got home I had a clean(ish) dog. As for me, when I had to get changed and wash my trainers, socks and jeans!

Remind me next time to stick to the plan.

A year ago today

I went for a walk in Christchurch and took this photo of the old Norman House there.

The Norman House


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