Sculpture by the Lakes (part 1)

Wednesday 1st July 2015

Today I took Dad for another little outing. He drove over to me and I packed a picnic and we headed out for Sculpture by the Lakes, at Pallington near Dorchester, Dorset. The sculptures are by artist Simon Gudgeon, and they are placed in a lovely, natural, lakeside setting. I took loads of photos. Despite the fact that I have been learning about exposure I struggled with the light, which meant my composition was even further off. Nevertheless I have a lot of photos to share so I will divide this post into two: the first will deal with the general setting etc, and the second will be of some of the sculpures. At the end I will post a link to my Flickr album with all of the photos, should you want to take a look.

So it was a really hot day today, although fortunately the sun did go in from time to time and we would occasionally catch a bit of breeze to help cool us down.

I’m guessing that Pallington lakes were once old gravel pits, from their size, shape and proximity to one another and the River Frome. This is the view across one of the lakes.

View across the Lake

The setting is very natural, with lots of trees, which, thankfully, provided some shade.

"Time to Reflect"

In that photo you can see one of the sculpures, “Time to Reflect”.

Here’s another shot down one of the lakes, with a “Leaping Salmon” sculpture in the foreground.

"Leaping Salmon"

Another shot of the lakes and another sculpture, this time called “The Chase”.

"The Chase"

You most probably can’t make out that that is two otters chasing two salmon down and round the pole.

In creating the setting wild flowers have been allowed to dominate in places, such as these oxeye daisies.

A fabulous show of Moon Daisies

I also used the opportunity to get a couple of nice portraits of Dad. like this one.


We wandered round and managed to find a really nice spot to have our lunch. Thankfully we had some shade and were picking up the breeze off the lake.

View from our picnic spot to 'Disappearing Worlds"

And lastly, for this post, here’s that sculpture, “Disappearing Worlds” from a different viewpoint.

"Disappearing Worlds"

In the next post I’ll share some more photos of the sculptures.

A year ago today

Jez and I went for a walk around Burton Village, near Christchurch.

Cottage in Burton


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