Max comes too

Friday 3rd July 2015

Sorry for the delay in posting. I seem to have been struggling with my motivation a bit recently, I think mainly down to the fact that I’m not very happy with the photos I have been taken. Where I walk in all of the same places (and in fact fewer of those now that the dogs are getting older) they seem to be all a bit samey. I am starting to look at some online photography courses though, so am hoping they will get me out of a rut.

So back to Friday 3rd July, and we were starting to try and take Max out for short walks. That pretty much means an afternoon walk in Delph Woods. Chris and I have been taking it in turns to do the walks, and today it was my turn (it also explains why there was no post for yesterday).

Once I managed to get Jez out of the carpark we headed through the woods to the cricket pitch where Jez had to have a rest.

Jez relaxes on the cricket pitch

After a while we walked on round the edge of the pitch and I managed to grab this shot of a dog chasing it’s ball across the cricket pitch, which I thought looked quite good in black and white.

Chasing the ball

We then made our way to the scout field where we sat in the shade. I took the opportunity to take some photos of the dogs. Here’s Max…


…and Jez …


… and finally the two of them together.

Max and Jez

They were taken just before I spotted a tick walking across Jez’s chest. I quickly pinched it off her and disposed of it.

So after about 20 minutes or more on the scout field we made our way back to the cricket pitch. En route I found a bit of branch that some tree surgeons had recently discarded and gave it to Max to carry. Jez soon decided that it was something she should investigate though.

Jez investigates a bit of wood she stole from Max

And that was about it. We eventually headed back to the car (it took ages to get Jez off the cricket pitch) and came home after about 2 hours of walking nowhere much.

A year ago today

Dad, Jez and I went for an evening walk on Mudeford Quay.

Mudeford Quay


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