Max and I are back at Upton Country Park

Thursday 9th July 2015

Thursday is my pilates day, so as usual Max and I had our walk slightly earlier than normal and went to Upton Country Park. I only have a couple of photos from today. The first is of Max waiting by the stream in the hope that I’ll throw a cone for him. But we’re being very careful about how much we throw things for him and also how we throw them (we don’t want him jumping). By the time I took this photo he’d already had a couple of little games in the stream and lake, so I’m afraid this time he was disappointed.

Max wants to play in the stream

And one more artsy one – this time of power lines at the Country Park.

Power Lines

And that was it for today. I’m pleased to say he’s hardly limping at all now though.

A year ago today

I finally came home from my Dad’s, having judged that his was well enough to look after himself now. To celebrate I took Jez and Max to the River Stour at Cowgrove.

Mid stream

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