At the top of Upton Heath

Saturday 18th July 2015

This afternoon I once again parked in Corfe Mullen and walked onto the top of Upton Heath from Springdale Road. Although Jez and I have been this way before this was new territory for Max. Today we started out by walking to the west of the small reservoir. Along the way I took a photo to show just how far they have come in returning the old rubbish tip back to nature.

Reclaming the old pit

I know from speaking to one of the Dorset Wildlife wardens that the plan is to seed it using clippings from where they have cleared the paths on the heath in the past.

All around the viewpoint ( the one at the top of the heath, not the one we normally visit) there were lots of pretty little pink flowers.

Common Centuary

The plant is called Common Centuary.

Further on I came across a new plant for me. It was so bright and colourful and is apparently called Fox-and-Cubs.


We walked down to the edge of the bridal path leading back to Beacon Road (where I sometimes park) and Jez took the opportunity to have a rest.


And just to be fair, here’s a photo of Max taken in the same place.


As you can see, Jez had decided to get up and head back up the hill towards the car. We didn’t go straight back, though. Jez took us on a little detour around the top end of Corfe Lodge Road, where there are some lovely houses. They are out of our price bracket I am afraid!

A year ago today

Max and I were at Upton Country Park.

A happy boy in the water with a stick

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