A visit to the dermatologist then Wareham Forset

Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Max was due for a check up with the dermatologist in Wareham after lunch today, so I took him and Jez and then, after his appointment took them both on to Wareham Forest. It was quite warm although there were quite a few dark clouds around, and at first I didn’t think either of them was going to come for a walk with me as they just hung around near the gates to the car park. Eventually we got on our way though.

Path through Wareham Forest

After cutting down that little path we headed for the viewpoint (you can see what I mean about the clouds).

Jez heads towards the viewpoint

I turned off before the viewpoint, but Jez didn’t, and so I lost her for a while. I headed down the hill and someone told me she was at the bottom, but when I got there there was no sign of her. Eventually she came back, totally exhausted, so I’m guessing she had been chasing deer (fortunately she’s no longer fast enough to catch them). She found a muddy puddle under a bank and slumped in that. Once she had cooled down and go her breath back she was covered in mud, so we headed towards the Dragonfly Pool and Gruffalo Pool so that I could clean her off. Ironically it was where I had been headed in the first place.

So here she is in the Dragonfly Pool (which in itself if pretty muddy).

Jez cools down and cleans off in the Dragonfly Pool

And then we headed home. I was surprised she had as much energy left as she did, since she didn’t stop for a lie down once until we got back to the car.

A year ago today

Here’s Jez in the sea down at Hamworthy.

Jez in the sea


2 thoughts on “A visit to the dermatologist then Wareham Forset

  1. Lovely shots! I really enjoy your blog and hope you keep it up. I live in Creekmoor myself and occasionaly take the odd picture of two myself, but you really capture the beauty in this part of the world. Thank you šŸ™‚

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