It’s been a bit damp

Sunday 26th July 2015

It’s been miserable and wet and I haven’t even bothered taking the camera with me. Even today I only had my iPhone when we went over to Canford Heath for our walk. As we walk onto the heath we pass this old tree stump, which today was slick with the rain.

Wet tree stump

Max was happy though – there were puddles for him to play in.

Puddle + cone = Play time

Jez, meanwhile, settled for the somewhat larger pond near Steeple Close.

Jez in the pond

As you can see in the previous two photos, the skies were rather ominous, but at least we didn’t get wet.

A year ago yesterday

I’ve chosen a year ago yesterday as I have a better photo from that day than those on a year ago today. We were down in the River Stour at Cowgrove and Jez went to say ‘Hello’ to a passing canoeist.

Jez goes to say 'Hello'


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