Max and I go to Badbury Rings

Wednesday 29th July 2015

I thought it was a while since Max and I had been out to Badbury Rings for a walk, so we headed out there today. I was hoping to photograph some butterflies and so put took the EOS 6D with the 70-300mm lens on it, but in the end it was too overcast and windy (in fact at one point we got rained on!). And as I had the long lens, this particular shot of the rings was taken on my iPhone.

Badbury Rings

The long lens doesn’t preclude decent landscape photography, however. I love this shot of the sun and clouds over the Point to Point course.

Brooding clouds over the Point to Point course

And this was taken a little bit further up the hill looking across the wheat fields.

Wheat fields

Along the hedgerows some poppies were still in bloom.


As I said, I didn’t really see any butterflies (apart from lots of small heath butterflies flitting about) but I did find this Six Spot Burnet Moth.

Six Spot Burnet Moth

As you will have seen from the opening photo, the grasslands around the rings have been left to grow and so have turned into flower meadows. Sadly, they are not good for Max’s allergies. He doesn’t care though.

Max runs to catch up

And one last one for today: of the horses in the field alongside the track up to the rings.

"I love you"

Such beautiful creatures.

A year ago today

Jez does here Loch Ness Monster impression down at Hamworthy.

Is it the Loch Ness Monster?


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