Cooling down in the river

Sunday 2nd August 2015

It’s been a hot week-end. This afternoon I took Jez and Max to the River Stour as I thought it would help keep them cool. I left it later than normal and we arrived about 4pm when people are generally starting to leave, but the parking area was still packed and I only just managed to park.

I didn’t let the dogs go over Eye Bridge as there were lot of people picnicking on the far side. Instead we headed straight for the playing place. I had put my old trainers on so that I could join the dogs in the river. Jez immediately went off to investigate the far bank.

Jez is off to investigate the opposite bank

Max, as ever, just wanted to play cone.

Chasing the cone

But at least he brings it back (most of the time).

Max brings his cone back

And Jez was happy: she got to meet and greet a young family in a canoe.

Jez goes to meet the family out in their canoe

After playing for a while we walked on round, and then came back to the same place to play again.

I’m glad I had been able to park – it had been a good choice for a walk on a hot afternoon.

A year ago today

I was busy taking photos in the garden, like this one of a Silver-studded Blue Butterfly.

Silver-studdied Blue Butterfly


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