A lovely sunny morning by the River Stour

Friday 7th August 2015

Linda only had the morning with us before she had to go home, but it was a lovely sunny day so she suggested going to the River Stour at Cowgrove for our walk. As we walked along the river bank we passed the horses with their heads buried in the long grass.

Headless horses

Both Linda and I had old trainers on, so when we got to the playing place we were able to join the dogs in the water. Here Jez has spotted something.

Now what's Jez seen?

Yes, it’s people in a canoe heading in her direction.


Max soon had Linda throwing his cone for him.

Max's tail leaves a watery trail

While Jez was happy to simply lie down in the water and cool down.

Jez lies down in the river to get the full cooling effect

We walked on round our usual circuit and then came back to the playing place again. Here’s Linda in the water with the dogs.

Linda with Jez and Max

And throwing Max’s cone for him.

Still playing cone

After our walk we came home and had a bite of lunch before Linda left. Max, who is always hungry, kept a watchful eye on Linda while she ate in the hope that a bit might come his way.

Max keeps an close watch on Linda's lunch, just in case...

It has been lovely having Linda to stay again. Now it’s time for a rest, though.

A year ago today

Linda was staying with us and we took a picnic and went to Tyneham Village and then walked down to Warbarrow Bay. This is Chris, Linda and the dogs on the beach there.

Time for Linda to check her phone again


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