Linda come to stay

Tuesday 4th – Thursday 6th August 2015

My cousin Linda arrived yesterday afternoon for a few days. That meant we had company for our walks, although oddly enough I have not taken that many photos.

Starting with Tuesday morning, both Jez and Max came with us to the beach at Hamworthy for a walk. We parked by the viewpoint and then walked down to the beach. Here’s Linda with Max.

Linda and Max on the beach

Max has known Linda since we first adopted him, and he knows that when she’s on a walk with him she will throw cones, so he spends the whole walk staring at her hopefully. Occasionally he’s in luck. I like this shot. Although Max is disappearing out of the frame it shows how he anticipates what’s happening, even though he does appear to be running far ahead of where the cone is going to land.

Max tries to anticipate where Linda's throwing the cone and gets it wrong

There are still quite a few jellyfish washing up on the beach, which surprised me. We walked the length of the beach and then circled back to the lake where Max had a swim, and after that it was back to the car.

On Wednesday it was just Linda, Max and I who went for a morning walk. We went over to the east side of Canford Heath as Linda hasn’t been out there before. Mind you, once I took her up the hill from the car she decided she didn’t particularly want to go there again!

Linda regrets coming for a walk when she sees the hill

Thursday was my pilates class (Linda came along too), so beforehand we went to Upton Country Park as usual. Here’s Linda by the stream.


And I call this one, Taking Me Taking You.

Taking me taking you

So, that was the main part of our week. The weather wasn’t great but at least we didn’t get wet on our walks. And Linda and I got a bit of shopping in on the side.

A year ago

Linda was staying with us this time last year too. Here she is with Jez in the River Stour.

Treat time


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