A hot afternoon

Saturday 8th August 2015

It was pretty hot this afternoon and I struggled to think of somewhere to take the dogs where Jez would not get too hot and immediately lie down in the shade and refuse to move. In the end I decided to walk them round Creekmoor Ponds, where there is lots of shade and lots of cooling water.

We started at the corner of the small lake next to our house. Here’s Max, hoping I’ll throw something.

Max in Creekmoor Ponds

And here’s Jez.

Jez cools down in Creekmoor Ponds

We walked on round to the larger pond, to the little ‘beach’ where they normally play. Again, here’s Max, waiting for me to throw something.


And Jez, cooling down again.

Time for another cool down

From there I tried to continue on round the ponds but Jez headed off for the local pet shop where she likes to watch the rabbits. It’s a bit of a struggle controlling the dogs in there as they are both really excited and pull me in all directions. After the pet shop we were all hot and tired and so headed straight back to the ‘beach’ where the dogs, at least, could cool down.

Eventually we continued on round the ponds. I had my 70-300mm lens on the camera, hoping for butterflies. We didn’t see any but I rather like this photo of a duck.

Duck paddling by

And finally, my favourite photo of the day – Jez back in the water again, watching the ducks.

Jez watches the ducks

Notice the tip of her tail just peaking out of the water.

It was a good choice of walk on a hot day.

A year ago today

We were down by the River Stour at Cowgrove, where I took this very pastoral scene.

Pastoral Scene


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