Guess what we saw on Canford Heath

Tuesday 11th August 2015

There was no post for yesterday. I took the camera for our walk on Upton Heath but didn’t take any photos. Today, however, Max and I went to Canford Heath, where I took this panorama overlooking Poole.

View over Poole

We had parked in Steeple Close, walked a little way along the southern edge of the heath, then climbed the hill to South Walk where that photo was taken. After that we cut across to the stream. En route Max started doing a lot of sniffing. I guessed he was scenting deer, which we haven’t seen on the heath for at least a couple of years, and lo and behold, I was right.

A roe deer keps a wary eye on us

Fortunately by the time I spotted the deer Max had stopped sniffing, so never saw it. After I’d taken a few photos we walked on to the stream (which isn’t there any more) and as we headed up the hill the other side I looked back only to see a deer on the top of the hill behind us.

Roe deer on the hill

I’m not sure if this is the same deer or a different one.

Other than that I was taken photos of bits of trees. Firstly I have a black and white of some tree bark.

Tree Bark

And secondly, I noticed there were fruits forming on the strawberry tree we pass (not strawberries and not edible).

Strawberry Tree - Unripe fruits

But it was definitely the deer that made my day.

A year ago today

There were clouds over Upton Heath.

Clouds over Upton Heath


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