I forgot to take my camera

Wednesday 12th August 2015

Max and I went down to the beach at Hamworthy this morning. I was half way there before I realised that I had left my camera at home, so all of today’s photos are taken with my iPhone. But at least it was a nice morning.

A nice morning down at Lake Pier, Hamworthy (note Max photobombing yet again)

Notice Max has to get in the photo!

As ever, Max was happy to be there (not that you’d know it from his expression in this photo) and was eager to start chasing his cone.

Max wants to play

The views over Poole Harbour from Ham Common were lovely, as always.

View over Poole Harbour from Ham Common

And there are still lots of jellyfish being washed ashore. This one hasn’t got long to live, assuming it’s not dead already.

Sadly this jellyfish won't last much longer

And lastly, when Linda and I were on the beach last week we noticed one of the houses for sale, so looked it up on the Estate Agent’s site.

A snip at £3million!

It can be yours for £3 million! I couldn’t believe it. It may have lovely views over the harbour and Arne, but it fronts onto a not-particularly-nice beach and is right next to the Royal Marine base. Such is the price of property around Poole Harbour.

A year ago today

Another coincidence. We were down at Hamworthy, although the weather wasn’t so nice, the tide was much higher and it was pretty windy.

The pier is nearly engulfed

At least I’d taken my camera, though!


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