A gentle stroll on Upton Heath

Friday 14th August 2015

I wanted to make sure that Max had a gentle walk this morning in case his elbow was still playing up. I had given him painkillers yesterday and he seemed to be ok, so we went over to Upton Heath. It had been raining (although we missed the worst of it) so there were a few puddles around, but I didn’t let him play at all.

As we approached the Roman Road we met a doggy friend of ours, Fox, the Alaskan Malamut. she had been busy jumping in puddles.

Fox has been jumping in muddy puddles

I’m glad I don’t have to wash and dry her off when I get home. But talking to her owner she was saying about the cost of having her groomed. I thought £35-40 for Max was expensive, but most groomers charge £100 or more for Fox!

Our walk was otherwise uneventful today, but I have one other photo, from bedtime. Max had been lying at the side of the bed asleep when Jez came and asked for a biscuit, which I gave her. As soon as Max heard her crunching he leapt up and this was the accusatory look I got.

Max gives me his 'Jez has just had a biscuit so where's mine?' look

I just had to give him a biscuit too.

A year ago today

Max and I were out finding fungi on Canford Heath, like this small Grisette.

An early Grisette

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