A poorly boy goes to the groomer

Thursday 13 August 2015

This morning I got up and went to take Max out early before my pilates class and Jez decided she wanted to come too. We went to Upton Country Park as usual on a Thursday, and were having quite a nice walk when half way across the boardwalk by the shoreline Max pulled up lame. It was his front left elbow playing up again. So we slowly walked back to the car.

Max was booked into the groomer at 11am and after speaking to them I gave him a painkiller and then took him round. He looked very sorry for himself when he came home, and wasn’t even too sure whether or not he wanted to eat the pig’s ear I’d bought as a treat for him.

Max, back from the groomer and clutching his pig's ear

I’m pleased to say he’d improved a bit by the afternoon and was able to go to Delph Woods with Chris and Jez.

A year ago today

We were at Upton Country Park (another coincidence) where work was progressing on the park extension.

The new path is coming along

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