A visit to the vet and then on to the river

Tuesday 18th August 2015

This morning I had to take Jez to the vet for her 6 month check up. Generally the vet was very pleased with her. We discussed her medication for her arthritis and agreed she should continue on the painkillers she’s on. He also prescribed a new drug to help ease any possible stomach irritation from her long-term use of anti-inflammatories.

When we left the vets we headed over to the River Stour as it was fairly close by. This was the view from Eye Bridge this morning, firstly looking downstream.

Still waters//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

And then upstream.

River Stour//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

We walked along to the ‘playing place’ and waded out into the river, which was a few inches higher than last week and COLD! Not that Max minded…

Throw the cone then, Mum//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

…nor Jez.

Jez in the river//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

We walked on round the ‘loop’ and I came across this rather alien-looking object.


It is actually a damp seed head from a thistle.

Walking on round I was surprised by the height of the stacks in the corn field.

They're tall haystacks//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

We continued on back to the ‘playing place’ and went in the river again (which still felt just as cold), and then walked on back along the river to Eye Bridge. Here’s Jez walking over the bridge.

Crossing the bridge//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

And finally, Jez, standing on the edge of the small weir.

On the edge//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

It had been a really nice walk this morning (although I forgot to take a change of trainers, so had to drive home in soggy shoes). I hope Jez enjoyed after being dragged out of bed to go to the vet.

PS. When I view this in preview WordPress is showing some of the html code under the photos. I’m not sure why but apologise if you can see this and find it distracting.

A year ago today

We met the ponies on Upton Heath.

Exmoor Pony//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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