The tree surgeons are back

Thursday 20th August 2015

The tree surgeons turned up bright and early this morning. Apparently the guy who is doing all the work up the tree is more experienced than the one who was here yesterday. The forecast was for it to be dry all day today, but the weather had other ideas and no sooner had they arrived and set up than it started raining again. Today, though, that didn’t make any difference to them.

So here is the tree surgeon working on the big dead branch that overhangs the footpath at the back of our garden.

Tree Surgeon cutting back our oak tree//

You can see in that photo that he ties rope around the end of the branch before starting to cut. Once he’s cut through it the guy on the ground takes the strain on the other end of the rope.

Cutting through the branch//

Then the one in the tree loosens the cut piece (by pushing and kicking it!) until it cones free. Here you can see it is just starting to fall.


The cut piece is then lowered to the ground.

Having cut back the large, dead branches the tree surgeon them moved right to the top of the tree to cut it back by about 3m, in order to encourage it to regenerate. Here he is at the top of the tree.

Rather him than me//

Rather him than me!

And finally, the log pile (the bigger pieces after then had been cut further to make them manageable) in the front drive.

Log pile//

They finished, cleared up and left towards the end of the afternoon. The tree is looking much better now and at least we no longer have to worry about a dead branch falling on someone.

There are no photos from our walk today, but Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park where we got rained on.

A year ago today

Last year Jez, Max and I were also at Upton Country Park, where I took this photo looking across the harbour towards Poole.

View across Upton Lake//


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