Still more rain!

Tuesday 25th August 2015

This is August! Doesn’t the weather realise that? It’s supposed to be warm and sunny. To be fair it’s not cold, but it’s certainly not sunny. This morning we had more rain, so I thought we would go to Upton Country Park. Surprisingly, Jez decided to leave her warm bed and join us. It wasn’t a particularly nice walk though. At one point we had a heavier shower so we sheltered for a while in Llewellyn Wood, near Upton.

Sheltering from the rain in Llewellyn Wood

After that we walked on round to the lake. As you can see, Max didn’t let a drop of rain bother him.

Max doesn't mind the rain

And then it was back to the car and home into the dry. We’re hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.

A year ago today

Well, if I thought today was bad, it was worse a year ago. Looks like the Roman Road had turned into a river.

It didn't take long for the stream to overflow


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