Panoramas of Upton Heath (and Max)

Friday 28th August 2015

My routine on a Friday has changed over the past few months, and now I do my grocery shopping before I take Max out (otherwise the carpark at Waitrose is full). So by the time we went out today the sun was out, affording lovely views over Upton Heath. These are panoramas, so if you want a better (wide screen) look at them just click on them and you can see them on Flickr.

We parked in Creekmoor and walked to the pond, and then headed up the hill.

Looking towards the viewpoint

From there we walked around what I call the back of the hill (ie to the left in that last photo) and I took this view looking across the Heath and Poole Harbour towards Arne.

View towards Arne

And then we walked back across the top of the hill. This is the view looking back down the hill. Max’s favourite pond is behind that little hillock with the heather on it to the left of the photo.

Looking across the heath

And yes, we went back to the pond, so here’s the obligatory photo of Max.

Time to play in the pond

You may be able to tell from that photo that by the time we’d got back down the hill and to the pond it had clouded over. But the sunshine held out for the wonderful views.

A year ago today

We were at the River Stour and something had caught the dogs attention as we crossed Eye Bridge.

Jez and Max study the ducks from Eye Bridge


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