Max has got some new boots

Friday 4th September 2015

I think I’ve mentioned that Max has torn a claw which does not seem to want to heal. So I thought I’d buy him some boots to protect it when he is out on his walks. I only make him wear the one, but he looked very smart in it when we went for our walk on Upton Heath today.

Best foot forward, Max

Jez came with us this morning, and led us up the Roman Road. You might just be able to make her out under the bridge.

Jez wanders up the Roman Road

Although it was cloudy it was quite warm, and visibility across the heath was good today.

View over the heath

We walked to the top of the hill, by the viewpoint, at which Jez went her own way to do a bit of exploring. Here she is coming down the hill to join us again.

Jez comes down the hill towards us

After that it was back down the hill, a quick dip in the pond and then back to the car. I’m pleased to say that Max’s boot stays on in water, although I do have to put it back on halfway through the walk as it gradually works its way off.

A year ago today

Max and I were on Canford Heath where he was trying to find some water to play in.

Max doesn't need much water to play in


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