Not quite so nice today

Thursday 3rd September 2015

After the past couple of days sunshine Max and I were greeted with grey cloud this morning. My pilates class has also restarted, which meant that we went to Upton Country Park first thing, where this was the view over Upton Lake.

Grey skies over Upton Lake

As usual, though, all Max cared about was playing in the stream.

Max in the stream

Now I don’t know if I’ve said before, but Max was 7 months old when we got him and he hadn’t been socialised at all. The upshot is that he’s not very good with bouncy dogs, especially young, bouncy dogs. The lip goes up and he has a bit of a growl at them. Our poor little friend, Ariadne, the English Pointer puppy so wants to be his friend and is constantly getting told off by him. So imagine my surprise when we met a 6 month old English Pointer this morning, who also wanted to be friends, and Max simply stood still and let her climb all over him.

Max makes a new friend (I think her name was Ellie)

I think her name was Ellie. She certainly made an impression on Max though, who suddenly turned into a big old softie.


Wonders will never cease. Ariadne will be so jealous.

A year ago today

We were also at Upton Country Park, where these Hare’s Foot Inkcaps had appeared.

Hare's Foot Inkcap


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