Meeting friends on Upton Heath

Monday 7th September 2015

Max and I went for our usual Monday morning walk on Upton Heath this morning. The sun was shining and Max was clearly a very happy dog.

Happy Boy

As we approached the pond we met our friend Dawn with Henry and Ariadne, her two English Pointers. so we all went to the pond together. Here’s Henry and Addy in the pond.

Henry and Addy in the pond

Addy is 8 months old now and is getting to be a very big girl.


She’s almost as big as Henry.

Henry and Addy in the pond

After the pond we walked on round together. In the little silver birch coppice the fungi are really starting to appear now. Here are some Amanita pantharina.

Amanita pantharina

And a nice little Grisette.


And, of course, Max had to play in the pond next to the boardwalk.


Poor Max. Addy kept stealing his cones. No wonder he keeps telling her off!

A year ago today

We met the cows on Canford Heath.

There seems to be a bit of an obstruction on the path


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