Back to normal

Friday 11th November 2015

Chris slowly recovered as today progressed so my routine was back to normal. I did my grocery shopping first thing and then took Jez and Max to Upton Country Park. We parked in the new car park and walked around the new area and through the woods.

Walking through the woods

It was nice and sunny so we had a very pleasant walk. And finally Jez found some dogs to play with in the fenced off dog training area.

Meet and Greet in the dog training area

This little brown dog may look as though he’s playing rough but he’s not. He was having a great time racing round, with Jez occasionally joining in.

Jez plays with a young dog

I just love her expression in that photo.

A year ago today

We went for a walk to Upton Country Park, but more importantly our new sofas arrived. Here’s Max cuddled up with Chris in the ‘Love Seat’ later that evening.



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