Autumn is coming to Upton Heath

Friday 18th September 2015

As usual on a Friday I did my grocery shopping first thing and then came home and took Max over to Upton Heath.

In the pine woods near Beechbank Avenue there are lots of fungi appearing.

A Russual I think

And I rather liked these, nestled up against an old tree stump, taken on the path heading towards the pond.


At the pond, itself, we had a game of cone, although Max sometimes gets a bit confused and forgets he has to drop the cone if he wants me to throw it again.

You have to give the cone back if you want me to throw it, Max

After playing in the pond we walked on round the lower heath, and in the silver birch grove I found this lovely little Grisette…


…these Amanita pantharinas, which had sadly been knocked over…

Amanita Pantharina

… and a nice little crop of Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria).

Fly Agaric

We walked on and met one of the Exmoor ponies.

Exmoor Pony

And Max had to play in one of his favourite puddles.

Max's muddy puddle looks very blue

I am amazed something so muddy can look so blue.

I was also hunting for orb weaver spiders today, but without any luck. I did find lots of Common Garden Spiders, though, like this one.

Common Garden Spider

And so we walked on round to Longmeadow Lane woods, beside the Roman Road, which were looking lovely in the sunlight.

A stream runs through it

And finally, here is a view back along the Roman Road, looking across the stream.

Looking along the Roman Road

It looks more like spring than the approach of autumn.

A year ago today

We went to Broadstone Rec where I took some photos of the fungi.

Fallen star


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