Out to the Sika Trail

Sunday 20th September 2015

It was a lovely afternoon again so I thought we’d take a trip out the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest.

Heading out along the Sika Trail

The view over the golf course was very nice today.

Looking out over the golf course

Here’s Max peering out between the slats of a bench.

Max peers through the seat

We followed the Sika Trail round until Jez decided to turn off the main path and cut through one of the smaller tracks.

Jez and Max on a path through the forest

We eventually joined up with the main track again though, and the dogs found some water to cool down in.

Coold down time in a small gully

I managed to get a couple of really nice photos of Jez before we continued on our way.

I get Jez's attention

The treat in my hand get's Jez's attention

A bit further on and Max had to get in on the act too.

Max in one of the trackside pools

As usual we ended up at the Gruffalo Pool. Here’s Jez watching some people approaching us over the bridge. Notice the clumps of Sulpher Tuft fungi near her feet.

Jezebel (notice the Sulpher Tufts at her feet)

And here’s Max in the Pool.

Max in the Gruffalo Pool

After that we headed back up past the logpiles…

Log piles

… and on up the hill towards the car.

Heading back to the car

And one last autumnal scene for you today: of the bracken dying back.

Autumn is coming

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath, but Max had a poorly knee, so I put a heat pad on it to try and ease it.

Max with a heat pad on his poorly knee


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