Max and I are back on Upton Heath today

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

This morning I got up and came downstairs only to find Jez snuggled up on the sofa, where she had spent the latter half of the night.

I got up to find Jez snuggled on the sofa

She looks so cosy, doesn’t she?

Despite being downstairs, rather than stretched out on the bed in the sun, she declined my offer of a walk, so it was just Max and I, as usual in the morning, who went over to Upton Heath.

We started off walking through Longmeadow Lane woods as I thought we could go up the Roman Road then come back down across the heath. In the woods I was surprised to find this white jelly fungus, which I think is White Brain Fungus. If it is then apparently it is fairly rare.

White Brain Fungus (fairly rare apparently)

We walked up the Roman Road and I turned into Pinesprings nature reserve in search of more fungi. There were only Fly Agaric along there today though, and most had been kicked over. I thought this was was rather nice, however.

Fly Agaric

This was the little side path we went along, and, as you can see, it is starting to look quite autumnal.

Max in an autumnal scene

We re-traced our steps and then continued on up the Roman Road, before turning out onto the heath.

Looking across Upton Heath

As you can see, it was a lovely morning. We stopped briefly at the top of the hill for a chat with Dawn, while Henry and Addy, the two Pointers, raced around. Then we headed down the hill to the pond, and from there came on home. A very pleasant walk.

A year ago today

The only photo I have from a year ago is of Max on a night-time walk.

Night-time walk


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