Max and I go to Lychett Bay

Friday 25th September 2015

Today it was lovely and sunny and the tides were right, so Max and I went to Lychett Bay, which is at the top end of Poole Harbour, for our morning walk. We walked through the little nature reserve and skirted round the rugby pitches before coming out onto the big open grass area at Turlin Moor. We continued on down the Bay side of the grass to the bird hide, where a group of volunteers were cutting down reeds to improve visability. Max didn’t care about that, he headed straight for the water, although when he got there he stopped for a moment to watch them.

Maz watches the people clearing the reeds

There may be a bird hide there, but the only bird I’ve ever seen on this side of the bay is a Little Egret. Perhaps I’m just there at the wrong time. Today though, there were lots of birds over the other side of the bay, including a large flock of cormorants. Sorry for the poor quality shot – I didn’t really have a long enough lens.

Lot of cormorants on the opposite side of the bay

We continued on round to where the boats are moored at Turlin Moor and I took a few photos. So firstly we just have some boats, including that old wreck.


Then a small collection of boats out on the water.

More boats

And lastly on the topic of boats we had one that made me smile, which I’ve titled, “Where’s Mick?”.

So, where's Mick?

So I’ll leave you today with a couple of shots of Max. Firstly by the boats…

Happy dog in the water

And secondly a bit further along by the grassy shoreline.


I’m pleased I chose to go to Lychett Bay today. It was a nice walk in lovely weather.

A year ago today

I took this photo of a duck on Creekmoor Ponds.



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