There’s a myth that dogs don’t look up

Saturday 26th September 2015

There’s a myth we heard somewhere that dogs don’t / can’t look up. I have to admit Max finds looking up very confusing, so it I call him from an upstairs window he can never work out where I am. Jez on the other hand … Well, you shall see.

So this afternoon we went to Upton Heath. Jez decided we would walk up the Roman Road to Pinesprings and then turned into the little cul-de-sac by the nature reserve that Max and I went up on Wednesday. Here’s a photo of Max taken along there.


And here’s Jez, who was having a bit of a lie down when something above her caught her attention.

What's that up there?

Here’s another photo of Jez lying in the grass.


We eventually headed on up through Pine Springs to where we join the heath. First, though, Jez had to have another short rest, so I took this photo of Max.

Max from above

We turned onto the heath and made our way past the viewpoint to the top of the hill.

Upton Heath panorama

It was a very pleasant day, and I wasn’t in a hurry, so I let Jez rest there while I sat on the bank and played with Max.

Max as you're not used to seeing him

Jez didn’t lie down the whole time. Occasionally she’d get up and have a sniff around, or in this case, look out over the heath.

Flaps raised ready for take off

Just look at those ears! She must have heard something – she looks as though she’s about to take off.

And talking about taking off, at one point when she was lying down a plane flew over head, so Jez watched it fly over.

Jez watches a plane fly over

So you see, dogs so look up – or at least Jezebel does.

After we’d sat for a while we continued on down the hill. A few clouds were looming …

It's clouding over

… but it didn’t rain and the sun soon reappeared for the rest of our walk home.

A year ago today

We went to Delph Woods for our walk, but I also took some photos in the garden, like this one of a squirrel on my bird feeders.



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